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Building Washing To Best Maintain Your Valdosta Businesses

Building washing

Tabor ProServices, LLC is the best company to come out to complete your building washing in Valdosta. After the estimate for the building washing is complete, we will make sure that any priorities for the building owner are discussed. We provide pressure washing for all types of buildings:

  • Warehouses
  • Barns & Storage Sheds
  • Industrial Properties

After we come to do the estimate, we will determine if it is best to soft wash the building or if power washing will be needed. Soft washing is tough on the surface and will remove grime, but it will not cause any damage to old buildings or those that have paint. The cleaning solution does most of the work during a soft wash. Some surfaces will need to be power washed after being sprayed with the right cleaning agent to make sure the surface is satisfactory.

If the building has a dumpster pad on-site, then we can include the price for the dumpster pad cleaning with the estimate.

Commercial Exterior Surface Cleaning

Commercial exterior surface cleaning includes the majority of your property accessible exterior areas. Depending on the property owned, the estimate will include the price for the exterior sidewalks or paths around the building too.

Preferably, the exterior should be cleaned while the building is closed. If the building is open 24/7, then we suggest cleaning the exterior when there is little foot traffic. We can clean a business during operation if necessary, but it will likely require a little extra planning together to least interrupt your business operations.

Tabor ProServices, LLC has several pieces of equipment like hoses and washers that have to be moved each time someone comes in or out of the building, but we'll work with you and your schedule to best care for your property.

Keeping Your Building Clean

If you are happy with the work completed, we can add you to the calendar for an annual cleaning. Communicating with the owner about the right time of year is helpful to keep your business hours. Whether the building needs to be soft washed or pressure washed, let Tabor ProServices, LLC keep your building looking great.

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