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Dumpster Pad Cleaning For Fresh Valdosta Businesses

Dumpster cleaning

The dumpster pad is not the first thing customers see, but it is a point of reference for building inspectors. Here in Valdosta, it is important to maintain your dumpster pad area with a dumpster pad cleaning.

A dumpster pad cleaning can save the business or building owner from paying fines when the area is not able to meet the standards. Tabor ProServices, LLC is familiar with the codes and can schedule the dumpster pad cleaning annually, bi-annually, or as needed.

Smells, grease, slips, and unwanted dumpster guests are all reasons to have the dumpster pad cleaned every few months.

All the grease that collects under the dumpster can only be cleaned with extremely hot water, high pressure, and the right cleaning product. The building may not need to be cleaned as often as the dumpster, so it is a great investment to have us clean the dumpster pad on a regular basis to prevent buildup and grease stains. If you need a restaurant patio washing, we can include this in the estimate/washing.

Valdosta has standards for dumpster pads, and it is in the owner's best interest to have a dumpster pad cleaning at least twice per year.

Not only are dumpster pads important, but we can pressure wash the dumpster if the timing is right.

Dumpster Area Sanitation

The dumpster area of the restaurant can be the dirtiest place outside of the property. Valdosta has specific rules for restaurants and businesses regarding dumpsters, and some owners have even been fined if the area is not cleaned properly.

We can include the price of the dumpster pad cleaning in the estimate to clean the building and sidewalks or patio when asked.

City Rules for Dumpsters

You may need to contact the property manager or the city to see the specific rules about your dumpster pad. We can schedule your dumpster pad cleanings to make sure that the front and the back of the business are always cleaned.

Tabor ProServices, LLC is happy to complete any job while pressure washing for Valdosta.

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