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Trash Bin Cleaning For Superior Valdosta Home Care

Trash can cleaning

Are you in need of a trash bin cleaning? Tabor ProServices, LLC of Valdosta will come and complete your trash bin cleaning.

Taking out the trash can be a stinky chore, but we can make it a little more pleasant by cleaning your trash bins. Some cities will replace trash bins once damaged, but they will not clean your trash bins. If not cleaned, the stains and muck on the inside of the trash can will leave stains on your driveway.

We will try and clean the trash bin away from the house so that debris and nasty water are not left on the property. Customers are asked that the trash bins are emptied prior to cleaning.

The day and time can be worked out around the trash pick-up for the customer. If needed, the neighborhood HOA can call to see how much it would be to clean all neighborhood trash bins on the same day. We can work out the right estimated time and price to clean multiple trash bins on the same day.

Driveway washing is a separate service but can be done on the same day if planned right. The trash bin cleaning is part of pressure washing for Valdosta,

Garbage Can Washing

Most garbage cans are made of the same material and can be cleaned with a soapy solution and hot, high water pressure. The soapy solution will remove any stains, mold, or nasty smells from the garbage can. The outside of the trash can will be washed, but we will be sure not to remove any city or street markings needed on the trash can for pick up.

Dumpster Pad Cleanings

Trash bins can be cleaned, but other customers may be in need of a dumpster pad cleaning. If the dumpster needs to be cleaned, then it has to be completely empty the day we come to clean. The dumpster pad will need a soapy solution to remove grease and stains. After the solution is allowed to sit, then we will use the pressure washing tools to remove the grease and stains. Dumpster pads need to be cleaned or the owner risks being fined.

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